Doggy Day Care


*New clients receive 25% off of their first week of doggy day care!*

Doggy Day Care at our Pet Resort is perfect place for your pet.

They’ll get lots of attention from the day care staff, as well as have lots of time to play, socialize and run off-leash with other dogs. Then we’ll bring them back to your home “dog tired” after a satisfying day.

The Pet Resort is ideal for high energy dogs, social dogs, and dogs who need a midday jaunt while their owners are away at work. Group adventures are the best way to exercise dogs and provide both canine and human companionship and socialization.

The action begins when we pick up your dog, along with their play pals. Then we’ll take them to our one acre fenced resort, which is local, safe, clean, and fully staffed. We have an indoor facility as well where the pups can rest, drink plenty of water, and play during bad weather.

Doggy Day Care is offered Monday through Friday. Pick up and drop off is approximately 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

We require that all doggy participants:

1. Have proof of up-to-date shots and vaccinations- including CIV vaccine
2. Are spayed or neutered (unless they are too young)
3. Are completely non-aggressive and super friendly with all dogs and people

HEALTH UPDATE: If you have not heard there has been an outbreak of Canine Flu in Montgomery County. The flu is an upper respiratory virus that for many dogs is mild and passing. The flu is very similar to kennel cough, but can last much longer- some cases for 10 – 21 days, even if antibiotics are being used. A few dogs can develop pneumonia, which can be life threatening. The problem is that dogs shed flu for 7-10 days before they show signs of the disease; so, owners don’t know to isolate them when they’re actively shedding.

The vets we have spoken to don’t seem overly concerned. However, there is a flu vaccine available. It takes effect in three days, and your dog would need to get a booster in another two weeks. It can be given to puppies as young as 6 weeks. Although the vaccine does not stop transmission, it reduces the severity of the disease and shortens the shedding and symptomatic periods.

At our pet resort, we are disaffecting all surfaces. Talk to your vet about whether or not you should consider the flu vaccine. Pet and Home Care is not be liable if your pet contracts the flu or other contagious diseases.

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